FemPositive strives to provide a unique positive insight into the feminist ideology, integrate marginalized women’s histories into the mainstream media and highlight urgent gender issues facing our society through collaborative efforts online and offline along with like minded individuals and organisations.

i. Education
We believe education is the most important tool in the struggle against systems of oppression. Through our online/offline projects, events & workshops we aim to create repositories of marginalized histories and movements and facilitate safe spaces for discussions and critical thinking. Our first flagship project to this end is #FeministReads and most recently, Women: Written, Unwritten – a monthly reading group.

i. Campaigns
We develop and implement independent and collaborative online and offline campaigns to create a consciousness in our society about persisting gender issues and the need for a rights based approach.

iii. Support
No movement can work in isolation and we are working continuously to support, contribute to and highlight the amazing work that Indian and global activists and organisations are engaged in.

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