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On December 6, 2016, FemPositive in partnership with Sexuality and Disability Point of View, Adapt (Able Disabled All People Together) and the Nina Foundation organised the #MyAccess campaign workshop. We had an amazing group of participants and engaged in spirited discussions around subjects ranging from public spaces, the safety and accessibility of public spaces to dating, societal perceptions about people with disabilities etc. The short walking session in the surrounding area of the Adapt building with the participants was useful in understanding how inaccessible streets can be for wheelchair users. The debriefing at the end helped identify the divergences and convergences in the experiences of disabled and non-disabled women in public spaces and what factors can make any space safe or unsafe. We ended with the thought that inclusive thinking should become part of our everyday lives and discussions at our workplace or otherwise instead of remaining one off events.

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#MyAccess aims to engage people in conversations around accessibility to public spaces for people with disabilities and safety. The major objectives were to reclaim public spaces with disabled and non- disabled women, fostering sensitivity, creating awareness and sensitivity around issues of persons with disabilities and mapping out the safety and experiences of disabled and non- disabled women. This workshop was a part of of the larger #MyAccess Campaign by Sexuality and Disability.


  • #PositionOfStrength Mumbai

FemPositive in partnership with Point of View, Shethepeople TV and Twitter organised #PositionOfStrength Mumbai on October 14, 2016. #PositionOfStrength is an initiative that seeks to promote, preserve and protect women’s voices on Twitter. We are very thankful to all the individuals. organisations and groups that participated in this conversation about the online spaces, using Twitter for change and their experiences of the space, good and bad. Please check out our Twitter handle @fempositive and the hashtag #PositionOfStrength for more pictures and updates from the event!

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“When I turned 16, I came to know that I had been married off as a child. But I don’t even remember that marriage, so I don’t want to honor it . I want it annulled.”

FemPositive in Mumbai, Price of Silence in New York and 16 December Kranti Official in Delhi launched pictorial campaign in respect to Santadevi’s fight for justice.

We collected pictures of activists and activated people around the world holding up signs in the streets with messages in solidarity with Santadevi and the cause of annulling all child marriages.

We delivered these pictures, alongside articles and petitions to Indian consulates and the Central Government demanding that Santadevi’s protection is guaranteed, her fine and marriage are annulled by her own consent alone and that this case be a step, a giant leap, in stepping up mechanisms to protect children, aide women in leaving marriages arranged against their will, or before their age of consent.

Read more here:
Price of Silence: https://postheatre.wordpress.com/2015/05/17/freesantadevi-no-charges-no-fines-redefine-the-system-of-disrepute/

The Law and Child Marriage: https://postheatre.wordpress.com/2015/05/25/freesantadevi-the-law-child-marriage-in-india/

Youthi Ki Awaaz: http://www.youthkiawaaz.com/2015/05/fight-child-marriage/

Feminism in India: http://feminisminindia.com/freesantadevi/

Campus Diaries: https://campusdiaries.com/stories/freesantadevi-no-charges-no-fines-redefine-the-system-of-disrepute

Brown Girl Magazine: http://www.browngirlmagazine.com/2015/05/freesantadevi-the-child-marriage-movement-that-has-taken-over-india/



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