In my college, girls have to follow a very strict dress code. We are not allowed to wear anything other than salwar kameez, kurtis and jeans inside the campus.

One time, I had a knee injury and so I wore a pair of full length trousers to the college computer centre. On noticing my clothes, one of my batch mates promptly commented on my dress sense and said to me, “Tu sudhar jaa, ” Tameez seekh le humse” in an extremely loud voice in front of everyone. I thought it prudent to ignore it at the time. I probably shouldn’t have.

The same situation repeated after three months even though I was wearing jeans this time. This time it happened in the main canteen of my college. He was shouting “dekha hai apne aap ko kaise kaise kapde pahan ke aa jaati hai”. (Have you ever seen yourself? That you keep wearing inappropriate clothes)

So I decided to teach this guy a lesson and posted the incident on the closed group of my college students on Facebook.

To my surprise, many seniors and almost every batch mate including girls and my very own friends turned against me and accused me of trying to defame my college. And that I should’ve kept the name of the perpetrator anonymous. Some even went as far as saying that I shouldn’t have mentioned his name at all, and called me immature, a liar and that I am exaggerating matters. These are the kind of comments I got on my post.

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The student body of my college is highly political, diplomatic and extremely superficial. So I got no support. They brought in an article to explain to me that “sensitive issues” should not be discussed on public forums and should be solved internally.

I posted about the incident on a public forum hoping to bring it to the notice of maximum people and punish my harasser. I wanted it to serve as a lesson for boys in general.

My college friends still don’t believe that my choice of action was right and that I shouldn’t have mentioned the name of the harasser. I don’t want to drag the name of my college into this; I only want to make everyone aware. Incidents of campus harassment aren’t uncommon, and the only effective way to tackle them is to speak up against it.

Note: The Author has requested anonymity; hence no names of persons or the college have been mentioned.

Shamed for speaking out against harassment, I refuse to give up – #PersonalNarratives
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